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About The Marshall Law Firm

Promoting Public Safety. Protecting Consumers’ Rights. Pursuing Civil Justice.

The Marshall Law Firm has been an advocate for public safety and consumers’ rights for over 15 years. The promotion of Public Safety is one of the primary functions of our tort system, and the jury is the guardian of that system. We strive to promote public safety through our magazine, The Safety Report, our email newsletter Let America Know, and through our association with the 60 for Safety campaign.

When a person or business violates a public safety rule and that violation leads to the injury or death of another, our civil justice system is the only means by which we can recover from those harms and losses. At the same time, this pursuit of civil justice helps promote public safety through awareness and accountability. Since it was founded in 1997, the Marshall Law Firm has limited its practice to the representation of the victims of negligence and their families, as well as employees injured on the job and subjected to the workers’ compensation system.

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Living Safer MagazineHave you heard these buzzwords and/or catchphrases? Paleo. Gluten sensitivity. Vitamix. Farm to table. What about kale, chia seeds, quinoa — really, quinoa? How can this become the next big thing when most of us can't even pronounce it? A food explosion of epic proportions can happen in an instant. Before you can say "hold the gluten," every health article you read and every health nut you know is posting recipes for delicious "green" smoothies and buckwheat pancakes. Here, we discuss and debunk what's coming in 2015. Click here to view our latest issue.


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The Marshall Law Firm:
1951 Nebraska Avenue, Palm Harbor, Florida 34683
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